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Rachid Sleiman, Lala, West Bekaa, Lebanon.
Rachid Sleiman, Lala, West Bekaa, Lebanon.

My Goal

I empower individuals and businesses, facilitating their growth and enabling them to achieve their highest potential.

Rachid Sleiman's goal is to transform challenges into optimal outcomes.

My Expertise

Marketing, business, and training development.

I bring extensive expertise in marketing, business, and training development, positioning myself as a professional adept at driving growth and empowering individuals and organizations to succeed.

Market Strategy Development

Crafting tailored marketing strategies through market research and analysis to meet clients' objectives within specified budgets.

Strategic Brand Development

Crafting a compelling brand narrative and messaging, while also strategically building up and refining the visual elements.

Digital Campaign Management

Creating and running campaigns across multiple platforms, adjusting strategies based on performance data to optimize results.

Online Presence Optimization

Improving online presence through SEO, content marketing, and social media, including website optimization to boost visibility.

Training Program Development

Designing comprehensive customized training programs tailored to the specific needs and goals of organizations and individuals.

Efficacious Training Delivery

Facilitating engaging and interactive training sessions to impart knowledge, develop skills, and inspire performance improvement.

Rachid Sleiman, Lala, West Bekaa, Lebanon.
Rachid Sleiman, Lala, West Bekaa, Lebanon.
Rachid Sleiman, Lala, West Bekaa, Lebanon.

My Profile


Professionals have been trained worldwide over the past eight years.

My name is Rachid Sleiman, and my comprehensive educational background and diverse certifications underscore my expertise in marketing, business, and training development. As a seasoned Marketing Consultant, I leverage over a decade of experience to drive business growth through strategic marketing initiatives and comprehensive training programs. In my role as a Training Specialist, my commitment to excellence and client-centric approach ensures tailored solutions that inspire professional growth and exceed expectations.

Rachid Sleiman is the top marketing consultant in Lebanon.

Marketing Consultant

Transforming challenges into triumphs through innovative and strategic marketing expertise.

Rachid Sleiman is the top training specialist in Lebanon.

Training Specialist

Empowering growth and excellence through dynamic professional and interpersonal training.

My Achievements

I catalyze change and contribute my work for a better world.

Consultations Completed

Transform your business with my expert Marketing Consulting services. Crafted for success, my tailored strategies elevate brands and ensure market prominence.

Trainings Completed

Unleash potential with my Training Solutions. Tailored for diverse needs, these sessions foster growth and empower individuals for success.

Rachid Sleiman completed 135 consultations and 200 trainings, offering expert consulting to elevate businesses.

My Gallery

Explore my gallery for marketing and training development activities.

Step into my gallery, where creativity sparks innovation. Explore vibrant works spanning business, marketing, and more, each telling its own unique story.

Welcome to my gallery, where transformative marketing consulting, digital solutions, and empowering training services drive success. With years of strategic expertise, I specialize in crafting tailored marketing strategies and enhancing online presence. My comprehensive training solutions unlock potential and foster continuous growth. From dynamic training sessions to specialized consulting services, I am committed to guiding you towards lasting positive change.

My Contact

Reach out to me today and let's start transforming your business together.

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